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Buttendz Future Grip for Hockey Sticks

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  • You don't want to miss the advanced design of our FUTURE Grip hockey stick grip, featuring a two-tiered player knob with an innovative twirl texture.    
  • This grip is universally compatible with all stick sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every player.  
  • The FUTURE model is crafted specifically for players who appreciate a detailed knob feel combined with the unique 'twirl' pattern.  
  • Our newly developed 'Step-down' knob with the twirl design fits seamlessly in your hand, offering unmatched control and a superior puck feel.  
  • Grip Specifications:
  • Top Knob Width: 11mm
  • Top Knob Thickness: 5mm
  • Bottom Knob Width: 7mm
  • Bottom Knob Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Grip Length: 7 inches
  • This grip is designed to enhance your handling and improve your game by providing a secure, comfortable hold on your hockey stick.

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