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Rocketgrip Rubber Hockey Stick Grip

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  • PREMIUM REPLACEMENT GRIP FOR BETTER PLAY - The superior grip and improved control give hockey players a feel that is like no other. It is waterproof and lightweight, giving your stick longer-lasting durability and superior power and control FOR training and playing!
  • OPTIMUM COMFORT AND PERFORMANCE - Our Rocket Grip settles in firmly stays clear and does not move around or change its position. It comes in a variety of sporty colors for your liking, and is performance-driven so that you always hit the target!
  • EASY TO INSTALL - RocketGrip hockey replacement grips can be applied in just minutes or can be mated to your stick for the ultimate custom build. It is also lightweight, so you don't have to worry about the stick becoming too heavy for your hands.
  • NO MORE HOLES IN GLOVES - RocketGrip is made of materials that do not damage gloves and is glue or wax free, compared to regular hockey tapes where the dried glue causes holes.
  • RUBBER GRIP (COLOR) EDITION - Feels as Lightweight as Tape, but comes with enhanced structural filaments for a firm grip as a protector on the hockey stick.

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