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Labeda Patriot Roller Hockey Goalie Wheels

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  • The Labeda Patriot Goalie wheels are designed for goalies that play primarily indoors as well as offer unique design features that will give you the edge over the competition.
  • The Patriot goalie wheel has a unique design shape that is specially engineered to give goalies enhanced mobility. This unique design is angled on the inner side of the wheel giving the goalie the ability to shuffle across the crease and the flatter outer edge helps with stability and balance.
  • The Labeda Patriot goalie wheels offer really nice performance and durability and should be considered especially when playing competitively! Best of all, Labeda is family owned and produces all of their wheels right here in the USA.
  • Standard hub wheel designed for the 608 bearing size.
  • Ideal Playing Surface: Sport court, wood, and smooth concrete.
  • Size 59mm and hardness 82A.

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