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Return Policy and Warranty Information

Returning an Item

Here at we want you to be fully satisfied with every item that you purchase from us. If you are not 100% satisfied with an item that you have purchased, you may return or exchange your NEW and UNUSED item within 30 days of your delivery/purchase date for a full refund of the purchase price, store credit, or a new item(s). The item(s) must be sent back to at your expense. We cannot accept returns on the following items:

  • Mouth Guards (Unless Factory Sealed.)
  • Jock/Jill Shorts and Pants (Due to health regulations)
  • Any customized jersey (Heat Pressed, logo'ed, etc.)
  • All Clearance items

Please indicate the order number if you have it. If you don't know your order number, please include your name and phone number we can reach you at. If you received an item which you did not order/we shipped incorrectly, please call us. In cases where we made an error, we can send you a prepaid label via e-mail for you to return the product to us. Again, HockeyTron only picks up the shipping if we are incorrect in the items you receive. If the issue with your product is incorrect sizing, but we shipped the correct product you ordered, you must return them at your expense.

Return to:


2755 Dos Aarons Way Suite C

Vista CA 92081

Stick And Shaft 30-Day Limited Warranty

All HockeyTron One Piece Composite Sticks and Composite Shafts are covered by a 30-day limited warranty against manufacturer's defects only (Composite Blades, Wood/ABS Sticks, and Wood/ABS Blades are not covered under this warranty). This is a one-time replacement only. This warranty only covers damage and/or premature breakage caused by a manufacturer’s defect. will replace any defective stick or shaft for a period of 30 days from date of delivery, under the following conditions:
    -You must provide the original receipt or order number.
    -The stick or shaft must be broken during normal, correct use.
    -The shaft and blade must not have been exposed to excessive heat or an open flame.
    -The stick wasn't used on a rough surface (excessive wear on the blade bottom does not constitute a manufacturer's defect.

To warranty the stick, follow these steps:

E-mail your order number along with an image of the breakage and serial number located on the back of the shaft. We will contact you once we make our determination as to whether or not your stick qualifies for a replacement under our warranty.

Hockey Helmet Care

Washing - The simplest way to put an end to your smelly helmet is to wash it like it’s your baby. Take some no-tear shampoo or any mild cleaning soap and mix it with a cup of water. Use this, along with a sponge, to fully wash the inside and outside of your helmet. Then, dry your helmet using a towel, making sure that there’s no excess shampoo hiding in the cracks or padding.  If you’re crying on the rink the next day, it might be because a) you used the wrong shampoo b) you didn’t properly wash your helmet after cleaning it. Clean up your sorry tears and take it in for another rinse. When was the last time you gave your helmet some TLC? Cleaning it is a great excuse to look for cracks or dents in your shell and/or padding. If you see anything significant, it is time for a new one.

Hockey Visor Care

Your visor comes with an anti-fog coating. If you clean it with dish soap or alcohol wipes it will degrade the anti fog coating.

If you use things like Pledge then it will essentially leave a polish/wax layer on top of the anti-fog coating.

Ultimately fog is created by having small microparticles and indentations in the visor which trap air. Keeping it as smooth as possible will make it anti-fog.

The best method starting out is to not use anything harsh on them. Don't use dish soap or alcohol wipes/sprays or anything branded as a "visor cleaner" (because it's probably just an alcohol solution). Just rinse with water before/after each use and store in a helmet bag, old t-shirt or pillowcase. Rinsing with water will make the factory-installed anti-fog and/or anti-scratch coating last a lot longer.

The visor should be replaced every 6 months due to the plastic it is made of.  Plastic degrades in the sun or if it is stored in a hockey bag.  The optimal height for the visor is centered in the middle of your eyes.  Do not wear the visor above or below that point. The visors are not approved by HECC and should not be used if the intent is to get full protection for your face.  Most NCAA schools and leagues require a face shield.

Warranty of TRON Products (excluding sticks, see above)

All products manufactured by HockeyTron have a 90-day limited warranty against manufacturer defects, similar to the sticks. This applies to all protective equipment (such as gloves, helmets, shin guards, etc.) and accessories (such as the inline puck and wheels). If you feel that your product is defective or doesn't perform as well as you felt it should, you can follow the same steps for obtaining an RA# as you would for the sticks. In the same way, we will visually inspect the product to determine whether or not the product is deemed replaceable under the warranty and was not subject to misuse. If we do deem a replacement necessary, HockeyTron will cover the shipping of the item to you. You must return the product at your own expense.

Warranty of Sherwood Products 

Please fill out the Sherwood warranty form here:



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