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Buttendz Fusion Z Grip for Hockey Sticks

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  • The Fusion Z hockey stick grip is the perfect choice for players seeking unparalleled top hand mobility and enhanced control on the ice.
  • With a knob that is half the size of the Flux Z and featuring rounded edges, the Fusion Z gives you that seamless wrist rotation for better stick handling maneuvers so you can unleash quick, accurate shots.
  • The smooth sides of the stick, combined with Buttendz's innovative Tiling Texture technology, provide a consistent tactile sensation, providing a more secure and confident grip on the puck.
  • This perfect combo of design elements creates a stick that responds intuitively to the player's every move, delivering better precision and control.
  • Whether you're dangling through defenders, unleashing powerful shots, or engaging in delicate puck manipulation, the Fusion Z provides the tools needed to elevate your game to the next level.
  • Experience the difference that top hand mobility can make with the Buttendz Fusion Z hockey stick.
  • Grip Specs:
  • Knob Width = 15.5mm
  • Knob Thickness= 5mm
  • Grip Length: 6.5 inches

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