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Lizard Skins Solid Color Hockey Stick Grips

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  • The Lizard Skins Stick Grips are the ultimate tape replacement for the upper handle of your stick and are available in a variety of solid colors. Lizard Skins use an exclusive Durasoft Polymer (DSP) that provides the best consistent stick feel tackiness and overall comfort, while also reducing wear and tear on glove palms. It is designed to fit any hockey stick and at 0.5 millimeters thick, it does not add much more thickness to the shaft than traditional tape.  
  • That's not all, each package of Lizard Skins comes with a top cap application that covers the exposed shaft end and "finishing tape" that provides an area for players to write their jersey number on for a professional look. Installation takes roughly the same amount of time as traditional tape.
  • Simply remove the adhesive backing of the top cap and stick it on the top of the shaft. Remove the adhesive backing on the actual grip tape, place the pre-cut edge at the top of the shaft and tape it like you normally would. Lastly, apply the finishing tape and write your number. If you prefer to have a small nob or spiraling finger grooves, apply the Lizard Skins grip right over it as you would traditional tape.
  • 39 inches in length tape roll

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