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Sherwood Rekker M70 Senior Hockey Gloves

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  • Built with cable knit nylon throughout, the Rekker M70 Hockey Gloves are highly durable and resistant to cutting-type impacts! Furthermore, these gloves utilize an anatomical, close to the hand fit, providing players with optimal protection, comfort, and feel.
  • Continuing along the comfort aspect, the Rekker M70 Hockey Gloves feature a parity nylon base palm. This setup provides players with good comfort and control of the stick during stickhandling and shooting. These materials are also highly durable against stick tape, keeping them looking and feeling newer, for longer.
  • The Rekker M70 Hockey Gloves stand out in the protection category as well, thanks to the EVA foams used throughout the entirety of the gloves. These foams help protect players against the force of direct impacts such as stick checks or blocked shots.
  • The flared cuff design features high-density foams and pe inserts, further enhancing overall mobility during stickhandling, passing, and shooting, without giving up any of the high-end protection. The interior of the Rekker M70 Hockey Gloves utilizes a microfiber antibacterial Ultra-Fresh liner. This setup works to eliminate odor-causing bacteria before they start and help the gloves quicker when not in use.
  • If you are a player looking for a pair of gloves that feature great mobility and protection, check out the Sher-Wood Rekker M70 Senior Ice Hockey Gloves!

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