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TronX Vanquish Grip Senior Composite Hockey Stick - 350 Grams

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  • Buy more than one TronX Vanquish stick and automatically receive a 10% discount.
  • Mid Kick Flex Point that allows the stick to load and release shots quicker 
  • Grip Texture
  • Pure One Piece Technology
  • Japanese Carbon Fiber shaft and blade that heightens puck feel and improves energy flow
  • Extremely balanced with new propriety wrapping technology
  • Our lightest and strongest true 1-piece to date
  • 30 day warranty
  • Stick Comparison Chart Stick Weight Flex Point  Price
    TronX Vanquish 350 Grams  Mid Kick  $149.99
    CCM SuperTacks AS4 Pro 375 Grams Mid Kick $309.99
    Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic 390 Grams Mid Kick $299.99
    True Catalyst PX 370 Grams Mid Kick $329.99

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