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TronX 3-in-1 Ice Hockey Blade Saver Skate Tool

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  • This is a multi-functional tool for skate maintenance. It has three functions in one device: a replaceable honing stone for sharpening the blades, a re-edger for fixing damaged edges, and a lace puller to help with putting on or removing skates.
  • Regular use of our hockey skate sharpener can help keep your skates in top condition, reducing the need for expensive repairs. This convenient tool provides skaters with everything they need to maintain and repair their ice skates.
  • The high durability of our skate sharpener means it will withstand frequent use and provide consistent performance over a longer period of time. Perfect for on-the-fly repairs and pre-game tune-ups.
  • The compact size of this skate tool makes it easy to take with you to the rink, ensuring that your equipment is always in top condition. This 3-1 tool can save skaters money compared to purchasing each item separately.
  • Maintaining sharp blades and well-fitting skates can help improve a skater's performance and reduce the risk of injury.

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