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TronX Core Bibbed Hockey Neck Guard

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  • The TronX Core Bibbed Hockey Neck Guard utilizes tough reinforced polyester around the outside for skate cut protection. This neck guard also includes a bib for extra coverage and comfort. The interior liner uses special technology that has excellent moisture management and odor control.
  • Cut-Resistant with reinforced polyester. This reduces the risk of lacerations to the neck caused by contact with a skate blade. Does NOT protect against impacts.
  • Not only does this liner excel at managing sweat and moisture but it provides great antibacterial treatment too! This helps your gear stay dry, cool, and smell fresh for a lot longer.
  • Measure the circumference of your neck using a soft measuring tape, string, or shoelace. Correspond your neck measurement to a neck guard size using the table below.
  • Size - Neck Circumference
  • Youth - 10" - 14"
  • Senior - 13.5" - 17"
  • Item Price
    TronX Bibbed Hockey Neck Guard $9.99
    Bauer Bibbed Hockey Neck Guard $19.99

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