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Sherwood Rekker Legend 1 Grip Senior Composite Hockey Stick

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  • The Rekker Legend 1 is built for the elite goal scorer looking to go bar down every time they're on the ice. Featuring an all new dual zone Duo-Fire kick point allowing players to load and fire shots like never before. The new Ergo Taper shaft shape allows the stick to sit in the player's hands more comfortably giving them better control for dangling past opponents. And for ultimate feel and strength the VR92 Blade features I-92 dampening inlay that strengthens the blade and improving the feel for both tape to tape passes and shooting bar down.
  • The dual-zone flex profile gives players a super quick shot release that requires little effort while still providing hard shot power on bigger shots
  • The Legend 1 blade receives a solid update too with the VR92 construction featuring a full I92 material additional. With two reinforcing ribs that run heel to toe and high-end foam reinforcing it, players will feel the extra shot pop and accuracy compared to years past. The I92 material is essentially a vibration dampening layer that doesn't just make catching passes or technically puck handling easier, it even prevents it from chipping and cracking too. 
  • Tacky Grip texture
  • 60 Inches in length 
  • 405 Grams in weight

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