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Sherwood Rekker Legend 3 Grip Senior Composite Hockey Stick

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  • The Sherwood Rekker Legend 3 Stick boasts a huge upgrade and top-tier performance that is second to none in it's price range.
  • With a full BlackLine 6 carbon fiber construction from top to bottom, the Legend 3 shoots, stick handles and feels like a high-end stick but costs half the price. The elevated construction pairs perfectly with the low kick point, which provides an extremely quick and effortless shot that will be a game-changer for snipers everywhere.
  • The rounded corners, concave side walls and the tacky grip finish feel like they were made for technical stickhandling. Similarly, the stiff VRF blade core provides the consistent confidence players need to pull off intense dangles in tight traffic.
  • 60 Inches in length
  • 450 Grams in weight

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