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Sherwood Rekker Element 1 Grip Senior Composite Hockey Stick

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  • Built for lightning quick shots that you don't see coming; the Sherwood REKKER Element 1 is the ultimate stick for the sniper. The new VRF X blade reinforcement increases durability ensures your shots go exactly where you want it, when you want it. The Featherlite XT carbon layup creates incredible balance and feel, giving you optimal puck handling. 
  • The new R-Fire Kick Shaft is a low kickpoint flex profile for a fast release that your opponents won't see coming. Top that off with our new Single Wall Carbon Nanotube technology that makes this stick extremely lightweight without sacrificing durability. You'll be a head turner on the ice and on the scoreboard.
  • Key Features
  • Black Line XXV carbon fiber shaft and blade construction
  • New VRF X blade construction with Toe Drag carbon stringer reinforcement
  • R-Fire low kick point creates lightning quick release.
  • Single wall Carbon nano tube reinforced helps reduce weight and maximize durability in key impact areas.
  • Featherlite XT carbon layup creates exceptional balance and feel.
  • Textured grip application and spray grip coating
  • Spear Shaft blade/shaft integration for precise flex and durability
  • 375 grams in weight and 60 inches in length 

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