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TRUE HZRDUS Lite Senior Grip Composite Hockey Stick

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  • Stick: The HZRDUS Lite features a low kick profile, which is ideal for quick release and up-close shots. The low kick profile works in tandem with the stiffened blade for greater stability in those quick shots. This stick has a very similar build to the HZRDUS 3X with some more unique graphics. This build includes Tri Rib Tech in the blade and Axenic Technology in the construction.
  • Shaft Construction & Stiffness: The HZRDUS Lite uses TRUE’s patented Axenic Technology, which is the system they use to craft a truly seamless one-piece stick. In terms of shape, the HZRDUS uses a square corner with double concave walls to combine comfort and speed when stickhandling.
  • Blade Construction: Tri Rib Tech (TRT) is a system involving specific rib placement in the blade near where it would take the most impact. The resulting blade is lighter, stabler, and much more rigid.
  • Graphics: With the HZRDUS family debut comes some brand-new graphics. The HZRDUS Lite combines the new color palette of the HZRDUS line with some more unique coloration The stick keeps the black and orange from the original, with a white coloration on the upper portion of the shaft.
  • Grip: The HZRDUS Lite stick features a soft gloss grip on the shaft, making it easy to keep a good handle on your stick.
  • Length: 60 Inches
  • Weight: 440 Grams

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