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True Catalyst 9X Senior Hockey Gloves

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  • New for the 2021 season are True’s Catalyst 9X Senior Hockey Gloves. With a new tapered fit, True has designed a glove that will better fit players hands, provide optimum mobility, elite protection, and maximum comfort.
  • The True Catalyst 9X gloves feature a tapered anatomical fit better designed to take the shape of a player’s hand, allowing players to have ultimate control of the stick. Also new for the fit is the ergonomic flexible cuff which provides players with superior wrist mobility while shooting, passing, and stickhandling.
  • Moving to the outside of the Catalyst 9X, the premium Nylon and PU shell is constructed with 20mm Pro grade EPP foam with 1mm PE inserts, which provide maximum protection against stick checks and slashes. This is paired with True’s TRUEFLEX3 Three-piece hinge flex thumb, providing further protection against stick checks, increased flexibility as well as unmatched hyperextension protection.
  • The True Catalyst 9X Hockey Gloves feature an AX Suede base palm sewn in with AX Suede overlay and AX Suede pro style gussets. This will provide superior protection and comfort and help to keep the palm from wearing too quickly. On the interior, True will have an antimicrobial liner that adds extra comfort, but also helps protect against odor-causing bacteria.
  • If you are looking for a glove that was built to fit the hand better and offer elite protection and comfort, check out the True Catalyst 9X Senior Hockey Gloves!

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