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TronX Stryker Inline Hockey Pucks

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  • The TronX Stryker Roller Hockey Pucks maximizes your hockey equipment with a mastered design. Most hockey sticks are constructed with ice hockey pucks in mind, so the flex and the overall construction are designed to shoot the heavier ice hockey puck.
  • The TronX Stryker weighs 4.4 oz, making it heavier than the traditional roller hockey pucks and utilizing more of the potential that your stick has to offer. 
  • Additionally, the aerodynamic design allows the puck to naturally hug the surface and keeps it from rolling on end or bouncing. 
  • 3" x 1" - Traditional Roller Hockey Puck Size
  • Designed for Indoor sport court or smooth concrete use
  • Item Price
    TronX Stryker Inline Hockey Pucks $4.99
     Bauer Slivvver Inline Hockey Pucks $6.99

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