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Sherwood T90 Grip Senior ABS Composite Hockey Stick

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  • The Sherwood True Touch T90 ABS Stick brings elite-level specs to the outdoors. This ABS model features a nearly exact same construction as the popular T90 full composite stick, except it utilizes ABS reinforcement on the blade.
  • Unlike most composite ABS sticks on the market, the T90 ABS uses 100% premium carbon composite in the shaft and makes up a large portion of the blade too. This helps to reduce weight while increasing responsiveness for elite-level feel outside. The VRF.2 blade core uses previously mentioned ABS on the bottom but still maintains a foam-filled, bridge-reinforced construction. This makes for a very stiff blade that has good puck feel and stays true to the target on big shots.
  • Level of Play Guideline: High Performance
  • Construction: Fused one-piece
  • Shaft Dimensions: Rounded Corners / Straight Sidewalls
  • Flex Point: Mid Kick
  • Weight: 460 grams (Based on an 85 flex, PP26 60" in length)

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