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Sherwood Rekker M70 Senior Hockey Pants

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  • Starting with the hip and kidney areas, they will be well protected thanks to the pre-curved PE molds. This setup disperses the force of direct impacts, like cross checks or blocked shots, away from the sensitive kidney and hip areas.
  • Moving to the back of the Rekker M70 Hockey Pants, they feature PE and high-density foams, protecting the sensitive spine area from direct contact.
  • Pre-curved PE molds have been incorporated into the thigh areas of the Rekker M70 Hockey Pants giving the pants great protection against a wide variety of impacts, while remaining lightweight and comfortable.
  • Encapsulating everything is a lightweight 420D nylon shell. This material is lightweight and durable, keeping your Rekker M70 Hockey Pants looking newer, for longer.
  • If you are a player looking for a pair of pants that offer good protection, but will not hinder your speed and mobility, check out the Sherwood Rekker M70 Senior Ice Hockey Pants!

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