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Sherwood Rekker Legend 1 Junior Hockey Elbow Pads

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  • The Sherwood Rekker Legend 1 Elbow Pad is a special welcome to the elite-level player who thrives on their agility and quickness but who still isn't afraid to get into the heart of every battle. Boasting an incredible protection package along with a low profile fit, the Legend 1 has a price tag that just can't be beaten.
  • Viconic Impact Protection is located in the elbow joint and on the bicep, providing pro-level impact protection for big collisions or battles along the boards. The Legend 1 features a new design called AIZ that is integrated into the forearm construction. It's the combination of molded high-density foam along with a stretch gusset between the cap and liner, giving players a completely 360-degree wrap around the arm for pro-level coverage while allowing a full range of motion for stick handling, shooting and passing.
  • In order for every Rekker player to get the best fit, Sherwood included their CIP design into the bicep guard, which allows players to adjust or remove the piece depending on their coverage needs. Internally, the COP-r29 liner which is known for its comfort, moisture-wicking properties, and odor control now comes with a grip print to help keep the arm locked inside the protection, regardless if you're wearing a base layer or not.
  •  Pad Size Player Height
    Small 3'10" - 4'4"
    Medium 4'2" - 4'8"
    Large 4'6" - 5'0"

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