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Sherwood FC800 Foam Core Senior Hockey Goalie Stick

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  • Featuring a high-performance foam core shaft, Sherwood has aimed to pour all of its technology into the Sherwood FC800 Senior Goalie Stick that combines one of the lightest weight composite sticks they offer.
  • Looking to develop better qualities than the GS950 series of stick, Sherwood focused heavily on improving blade durability for the FC800. The result is a new design called Armor Heel technology which is specifically used on the heel of the goalie stick. The Armor Heel is built with several layers of extremely durable and light high modulus carbon fiber, protecting the heel from any premature wear.
  • Designing a better blade and construction weren’t the only pieces that went into the FC800 stick. Sherwood developed a new shaft technology, the Duralight+ shaft, constructed of high modulus carbon fiber and double concave walls for goalies to maintain a secure grip while playing the puck. This is the lightest shaft Sherwood offers on their sticks. The shaft runs through the heel of the blade to prevent the stick from becoming soft over time and optimizes responsiveness and performance of the stick.
  • If you are an elite-level goalie looking for a true composite stick with a composite shaft, look no further than the Sher-Wood FC800 Senior Goalie Stick.

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