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Sherwood Code TMP Pro Grip Senior Composite Hockey Stick

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  • The Sherwood Code TMP Pro Stick was engineered for the elite player that needs to get the puck on net with as little effort but with maximum velocity from anywhere and everywhere on the rink. At an astounding 387 grams (85 flex), Sherwood used only their top-tier technologies and materials for a true hot rod of a hockey stick.
  • While the TMP1 stick also uses the flagship BlackLine 25K carbon fiber, the TMP Pro uses almost entirely throughout the construction rather than a small outer layer percentage. While this may not sound exciting, hockey players will feel the difference as soon as the stick is picked up but most importantly, every shot and every pass feels like it explodes off of the blade.
  • The carbon fiber allows the energy to flow efficiently through the shaft but the new Energized Velocity Taper makes sure this is converted into real-world shot power. The complete redesign which includes new shaft dimensions is fine-tuned to capitalize on the energy the player loads into the shaft and return as hard and accurate as the TMP Pro will allow. 
  • Round Corners and Concave Sidewalls shaft dimensions
  • 60 inches in length
  • 385 grams in weight

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