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Sherwood Code TMP 1 Senior Hockey Elbow Pads

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  • The Sherwood Code TMP 1 Elbow Pad offers fantastic protection with a high level of customization and mobility. Viconic Impact Protection (VIP) is the star of the show, located in the forearm slash guard and deep inside the elbow cup. This unique material is strictly engineered for repeated impacts and designed to disperse heavy impact energy away from the body and joints. This allows players to confidently make plays and get into those physical areas on the rink.
  • Combined with molded plastic and E-Flow foam, the TMP 1 provides incredible coverage, protection, and breathability from top to bottom too. Speaking of coverage, each strap allows players to acquire a firm and locked fit while CIP in the upper bicep provides customizable coverage. This upper bicep piece can be adjusted or fully removed, allowing players to obtain the coverage and fit that best suits them.
  • Internally, Sherwood's premium COP-r29 liner fights off bacteria and easily handles sweat and moisture. Unique to the liner is the copper thread that is directly woven into the material, giving players anti-odor treatment for the entire lifespan of the elbow pad. This soft liner even extends over the forearm protection to give players less friction and pinching when they are dangling their opponent.
  •  Pad Size Player Height
    Small 5' - 5'6"
    Medium 5'4" - 5'10"
    Large 5'8" - 6'2"
    X-Large 6' +

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