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Sherwood HOF 9950 Senior Hockey Goalie Stick

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  • The Sherwood Hall of Fame line up celebrates their company's quality and timeless style. One of the three products they are celebrating is the Sher-Wood 9950 foam core goal stick. Made in Canada, the 9950 is one of the original foam core sticks and help set the path that brought goal sticks to where they are today. Mixing the traditional feel of a wooden shaft and the lightweight construction of a foam core paddle, the 9950 provided goalies with a stick they could feel comfortable using, game in and game out. Furthermore, carbon fiber strips are laid atop the paddle, for reinforcement, and then coated in a laminate to keep the paddle sealed together. For those who missed it and for those who never got to try it, the Sher-Wood 9950 is making a comeback!

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