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CCM Tacks 9040 Senior Hockey Shoulder Pads

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  • The CCM Tacks 9040 Shoulder Pads have some of the best coverage and protection for the entry-level player or individuals wanting solid protection at an affordable price. Players can enjoy the perks of two-piece panel construction, floating injected sternum guard, and now adjustable bicep guards. With the addition of a 1.5" nylon strap, players can perfectly seal the gap between the elbow pad.
  • The sternum guard has surrounding medium-density foams that have been beefed up to increase rib protection and CCM added quick-release tabs to the 2" Velcro stomach straps. The shoulder caps feature JDP construction, which dissipates impact energy away from the shoulder while medium-density foams provide comfortable protection underneath. The rear one-piece panel has a very large injected plastic spine guard to protect a very important part of the body while surrounding medium-density foams wrap comfortably around the torso.

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