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Bauer Supreme 3S Senior Hockey Gloves

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  • Brand new for 2021, Bauer Hockey is back with a new iteration of their Supreme Hockey Glove line, the Supreme 3S Hockey Gloves. With improvements made throughout the glove in the cuff, fingers and the shell, Bauer is looking to bring a new level of comfort and protection to their Supreme glove line.
  • Starting with the shell, the Supreme 3S Hockey Gloves are constructed with a poly mesh and PU overlay. These materials give the glove a good base of durability to get the most longevity out of your gloves.
  • Moving to the fingers, the Supreme 3S Hockey Gloves utilize a new feature Bauer is calling the Shotboost finger. This is a 3-piece split middle and ring finger that improves the feel in your hands and optimizes stick control while shooting. On top of that, all of the fingers feature MD foams with PE inserts. These protective foams help disperse the force of direct impacts away from the fingers, such as blocked shots and stick checks!
  • In addition, the Supreme 3S Hockey Gloves feature a patented two-piece Flex design within the thumbs. This design allows players to have improved mobility and comfort thanks to the two-piece design.
  • The backhand of the Supreme 3S Hockey Gloves feature a good level of protection thanks to the MD foams with PE inserts. These materials provide players with good level of protection in all aspects of the game whether it be a blocked shot, stick check, or contact with the boards! Additionally, these foams are extremely lightweight helping keep players as mobile as possible.
  • Moving up to the cuff of the Supreme 3S Hockey Gloves, they feature a contoured cuffroll with a molded Bauer logo. This allows the cuff of the glove to keep your wrist covered as much as possible without losing that anatomical fit that the Supreme line is known for. This provides players with good protection and mobility during stickhandling and shooting, without players feeling like their whole wrist is exposed.

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