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Hockeytron partners with Toyota Tsusho

June 21, 2019

Toyota Tsusho America Partners with Tron Sports

Posted: October 16, 2015 by hockeytron in Uncategorized

Vista, California

October 16, 2015

Wholesale Sports, Inc. (“WSI”), a domestic U.S. sporting goods manufacturing and retail/wholesale company is pleased to announce its entry into a business alliance with Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. (“TAI”)  for sports equipment material procurement and development. Through this alliance, WSI has introduced a new line of ice hockey equipment (goaltender masks and hockey sticks) made from recycled carbon fiber material sourced and supplied by TAI.

WSI CEO, Chris Malki, stated: “We are very excited to have this business alliance with Toyota Tsusho, which gives us access to advanced high quality, high strength recycled carbon fiber materials. The possibilities for using these materials in other types of sporting equipment are almost unlimited, and both companies will continue to work closely to develop additional lines of carbon fiber sporting goods.”

TAI VP, Joel Logan, stated: “Our business alliance with WSI gives us a great opportunity to expand into the sports equipment field, and at the same time continue our focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship by promoting the development of sporting goods made from recycled carbon fiber.”

About Wholesale Sports, Inc.

Wholesale Sports, Inc. (“WSI”) was established in 2012 and is located at 2755 Dos Aarons Way, Vista, CA 92081 USA. WSI’s main business is in the e-commerce (retail and wholesale) sector focusing on original brand product development, sales and marketing of ice hockey and other sporting goods to domestic and overseas markets. WSI’s products include TRON brand ice hockey equipment and Alkali brand inline hockey equipment.

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About Toyota Tsusho America, Inc.

Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. (“TAI”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation of Japan, which was founded as a trading and supply-chain specialist of the Toyota Group. TAI has been operating in North America since 1960. Over the past four decades, it has evolved from a trader in a limited number of commodities and finished goods to a multi-business enterprise which combines international trading with an expansive range of domestically targeted functions such as logistics and supply-chain services, development of new manufacturing enterprises, intermediate goods processing, etc. TAI has offices in 16 states from coast to coast in the U.S. and operations in Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica, with consolidated annual sales in excess of $4 billion.

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Media Contacts:

Chris Malki, Chief Executive Officer, Wholesale Sports, Inc.: 760-727-2762 or

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