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Hockeytron 2012 protective line

June 21, 2019

With hundred of models from almost as many companies, finding a piece of equipment for any part of your body can be a daunting task.  Where can you find equipment that has the features you need to feel safe and protected during a game of this intense sport, the look that compliments your game, and a price that doesn’t make you cry to your bank accounts? 


It’s all just clicks away when you are talking about the TRON line of protective equipment.  With our 80-90 line, we proved that we can make and design gear that rivals top competitor models at fractions of the cost ( elbow pad $20Shin pad $30 and shoulder pad $30 ).  Whether you are talking about the shoulder, shin, or elbow pads, you can trust you are getting unmatched protection at a price point that, simply put, can’t be beat.  And with a wide range of sizes in all 3 pieces of equipment, you can be sure that you will find a set that moves seamlessly with the rest of your body.  Several thousand pieces of 80-90 protective pads are currently in your locker room!

TRON 80-90 Senior Hockey Elbow Pads


TRON 80-90 Senior Hockey Shoulder Pads


TRON 80-90 Senior Hockey Shin Guards





We are not ones to settle here at HockeyTron.  Our continued mission to continue to raise the bar has led us to develop not just one, but two models above the 80-90 protection system that we are certain will be a great success when we introduce them in the near future.  The Evolution model will offer increased levels of protection without sacrificing the mobility of the skater.  Speaking in terms of the quality construction of the equipment, the Evolution model will look just as good, if not better, than any piece of equipment that flirts with a $100 price tag.  Our Elite model will showcase characteristics you would only find on equipment with a 3-digit price tag: Heavy-duty protection along the ribs and spine; ergonomic joint breaks to minimize resistance in movement, and a comfortable liner which makes it very easy and comfortable to wear.


Also coming soon to the TRON line of equipment is our Ice Pants!  Our low end basic model, at $39.99 offers all the usual amenities of pants such as suspender snaps, and inserts in the kidney area to prevent injury.  However, we paid very close attention to the movements of players and the performance they demand from all their equipment to construct a pant that moves with the body, not hinders it’s ability.  The Elite model is much more heavy duty, built and constructed for those who take a punishment, yet still very breathable and light.  It has a good amount of plastic inserts for protection, and zippered legs that can expand to allow the pants to come off over skates with ease.  We are so confident in the Elite pant that we are calling it “the most comfortable and protective pant ever made.”


With all this talk about shoulder pads and ice pants, what about the other half of the hockey playing community?  Did you know TRON has already rolled out our own brand of Inline Girdles, Inline Pants, and Padded Shirts?  Our inline protective equipment strikes the perfect balance between the amount of protection most roller players seek, and the lightweight design that doesn’t weigh them down.  And of course, this all comes with TRON’s unrivaled warranty and exchange policies in hand.  It also comes with the inexpensive TRON price tag as well( senior $29.99 for the girdle, pants and padded shirts respectively ).


And finally, perhaps the biggest news in recent past:  Valken, a company which has gained a respectable foothold in the roller hockey game with its own protective equipment, is now exclusive to HockeyTron!  This means the colors, models, and styles of Valken’s best selling pants, girdles and padded shirts will be sold by us WITHOUT THE MIDDLEMAN.  What’s this mean for someone walking into our store?  All the quality you’ve come to expect from the Valken name will be much more affordable since we will be getting it direct.   And just another way that we at HockeyTron continue to look after the customer:  When we get a deal on anything we sell, we try to turn it around right back to you, our customers, because we know that without your help and continued support and belief in us, we wouldn’t be in the position we are.

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