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True TF7 Junior Ice Hockey Skates

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  • Designed for the budget-conscious competitive player, the 2020 True TF7 SR Hockey Skates delivers many of the performance benefits of TRUE’s proprietary technology while providing the best-in-class fit that has become synonymous with TRUE skates.
  • The thermoformable fiberglass one-piece shell delivers the TRUE fit you’ve come to know, while providing unmatched performance in the competitive skate category. The TF7 also features the versatile SHIFT Holder for rapid blade replacement.
  • Boot Construction: Through TRUE’s proprietary co-molded carbon fiber and thermoplastic one-piece shell construction, they have created a thermoformed boot that offers a customized skating experience. TRUESHELL tech provides players with best-in-class fit and unmatched power in every stride. TRUESHELL tech seamlessly wraps the toe box, eliminating any weak points around high impact areas and providing superior protection.
  • Tongue: The TRUE TF7 skate features a traditional felt tongue for comfort.
  • Liner: The liner in the TF7 is a black wick fabric with moisture wicking properties, and multi-density foams underneath.
  • Steel/Holder: The all-new SHIFT Holder features enhanced BenchChange technology allowing faster blade replacement without the need for a magnetized blade change tool to re-engage the blade.
  • Insoles: The TF7 insole system integrates fit inserts to accommodate low, mid, and high arch feet. Placement of the fit inserts are marked on the insole for easy positioning to ensure proper fit regardless of your arch type.
  • Skate Size US Shoe Size
    4.0 5.0
    4.5 5.5
    5.0 6.0
    5.5 6.5

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