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True HZRDUS 3X Intermediate Grip Composite Hockey Stick

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  • Driven by a never-ending obsession with being the best, True is taking a legacy that first began on golf courses across the globe and is bringing the HZRDUS legacy to the ice. With the True HZRDUS 3X Intermediate Hockey Stick, True is bringing a stick that is built for players, by players. The HZRDUS 3X offers incredible performance, durability, and playability, at an opening price point.
  • Starting with the overall look of the HZRDUS 3X, the stick will pop on the ice with a soft gloss grip and their signature HZRDUS orange splatter. Along with the iconic look, the HZRDUS 7X will have a matte blade and the shaft will be a square corner double concave shaft.
  • For the kick point of the HZRDUS 3X, the stick is built for rapid puck release, and will have a low kick point shaft profile for lightning quick shots. This optimized low kick will allow for effortless loading and gives the player an explosive response, allowing them to get that quick release off anywhere on the ice.
  • Despite its lightweight build, True has engineered the HZRDUS 3X stick to make sure responsiveness and speed never compromised. This entire package results in a stick that is a lightweight 420 grams for the intermediate stick.
  • The HZRDUS 3X is utilizing True’s TRT technology in the blade. The Tri Rib Tech structure features strategic rib placements throughout the blade designed to match puck impact points, providing a more stable structure on impact, leading to more accurate and powerful shots. The HZRDUS 3X is looking to give players great speed and control.
  • If you are a performance level player looking for a mix of lightweight power and great durability, look no further than the True HZRDUS 3X Intermediate Hockey Stick.
  • 57 inches in length and 420 grams in weight

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