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TronX Stryker 3.0 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

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  • The TronX Stryker 3.0 Ice Hockey Skates are built for all types of skaters who are looking for a high-performance comfortable and durable skate.
  • The unique boot construction including the plush ankle foams helps to make learning to play and skate or someone who has skated in the past as comfortable and as fun as possible.
  • This model includes a solid, anatomically shaped skeleton made of light composite plastic with optimal rigidity for good foot fixation and protection against hits and impacts from the hockey puck
  • Elastic padding in the ankle area and a high-quality microfiber lining material gives high comfort inside the shoe
  • The skating set comes with quality blades with a durable plastic holder and a stainless steel blade
  • Order 1-1.5 sizes below US shoe size to get skate size

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