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TronX Hockey Attack Triangle 3D Obstacle Trainer

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  • The TronX Attack Triangle provides a 3D experience that cones simply cannot reproduce! By replicating the skates and stick of an opponent, the 3D Attack Triangle can be used for dozens of on/off-ice training drills like passing, stick-handling, puck protection, and so much more!
  • This easy to assemble training tool mocks having a defender there with you. Comes with spikes that allow this product to be used both off and on the ice.
  • The Hockey Attack Triangle is quick and easy to assemble. It breaks down into 3 pieces making it simple to store.
  • Using the Hockey Attack Triangle simulates a defender for on and off the ice training. This allows for players to improve and perfect their stick handling moves.
  • Great for players of any skill level or age. Use it with a shooting pad to replicate an on-ice experience anywhere and further develop your skills.
  • Measures 48.5" in total length
  • Item Price
    TronX Hockey Attack Triangle  $49.99
    Blue Sports Hockey Attack Triangle $79.99

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