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Sherwood Rekker M90 Junior Hockey Shoulder Pads

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  • Starting off with the shoulder caps, the Rekker M90 Shoulder Pads utilize PE-infused caps covered in dual-density foams. This setup does a great job of protecting players from heavy impacts such as body checks, by dispersing the force throughout the shoulder pads, rather than the players body. The clavicle is also well protected thanks to two padded inserts.
  • Right below the shoulder caps are the well protected bicep areas. Featuring a molded-PE shield and dual-density foams, the biceps will be well protected and mobile. Additionally, there is a 3-inch length adjustment, allowing players to customize how the bicep protection fits and moves.
  • The chest area of the Rekker M90 Shoulder Pads is constructed of multi-density foams that anatomically wrap around the players ribs, providing great protection and mobility. The chest utilizes air flow vents to help keep players cool and dry throughout usage. The back of the shoulder pads features an articulated spine with PE inserts.
  • Holding everything together are wide elastic straps for a wide range of adjustability and a customized fit. The oversized Velcro tabs ensure that the pads stay fastened for a long duration of time, without worry.
  • If you are a high-level player looking for a set of shoulder pads that will keep you mobile and well protected, look no further than the Sherwood Rekker M90 Junior Ice Hockey Shoulder Pads.

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