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Sherwood Rekker Element 2 Grip Senior Composite Hockey Stick

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  • Brand new for the 2021 season is the Sherwood Rekker Element 2 Senior Ice Hockey Stick. Built for lightning quick shots that you don’t see coming, the Rekker Element 2 is the ultimate stick for the sniper.
  • For the construction of the Rekker Element 2 Sherwood is using their Blackline XXV Carbon Fiber for the shaft and the blade. This lightweight carbon weave has over 25,000 filaments creating better stability and less torsional flex.
  • New for the Rekker Element 2 is the R-Fire kick point. This all new low kickpoint provides a lightning-fast release to allow you to snipe from any spot on the ice.
  • With their spear shaft technology, the Rekker Element 2 offers superior feel when stick handling and shooting. It extends through the heel of the blade and will give you an overall more consistent flex profile. Rounding out the shaft, The Element 2 will have textured grip and spray grip coating that will allow players hands to lock into place for a stronger handle on your stick.
  • Moving down to the blade, the Rekker Element 2 Hockey Stick features a revamped version of the VRF blade, going by the name of VRF.4. This blade has a thinner and lighter profile, and is incorporated with advanced foams, giving players unmatched control, feel, and durability.
  • If you are a high level player looking for a hockey stick that is lightweight and lightning quick, putting the puck exactly where you want it to go, look no further than the Sherwood Rekker Element 2 Senior Ice Hockey Stick!
  • Low kick point
  • 60 inches in length
  • 430 grams in weight

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