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Sherwood Rekker Element 1 Junior Composite Hockey Goalie Stick

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  • The Sherwood Rekker Element One Goalie Stick was built for the elite-level, active goaltender and features Sherwood's BlackLine XXV Carbon Fiber. This premium material used throughout the paddle and blade delivers an exceptional balance point while providing a featherlight feel in the hand. Sherwood's unique VRF HD foam insert was placed in both the paddle and the blade to highly reduce vibrations taken from big shots.
  • For lightning-fast hand transitions, the QPC Slide Shaft Treatment is an ultra-slick coating that allows goalies to quickly transition from stance to poke check and back. When playing the puck, the Element One boasts a Break Out Flex Paddle, which increases puck velocity for passing and clearing the zone. At the shoulder, Sherwood implemented their Re-Grip Textured Surface with Grip Coating, which stabilizes the blocker hand firmly on the shaft for stick saves.
  • Re-Grip Textured Surface with Grip Coating
  • Weight: 685 grams (Based on SR 26" Paddle)

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