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Sherwood Code TMP 2 Junior Hockey Shin Guards

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  • Customizable Impact Protection - Customizable and removable components that allow for a personalized fit and protection level. The customizable components include an adjustable calf strap, a removable/adjustable thigh guard as well as a removable/adjustable skate guard.
  • Comfort Wrap - Added comfort on the calf and knee bend region which minimizes friction that may cause discomfort.
  • COP-r29 - Anti-microbial liner that is scientifically proven to reduce bacteria and microbes which cause odor. Copper particles are embedded within the fabric’s yarns that remain effective over the lifetime of the pads to ensure that bacteria doesn't occur.
  •  Shin Guard Size Player Height
    11 Inch
    4'0" - 4'6"
    12 Inch
    4'4" - 4'10"
    13 Inch
    4'8" - 5'2"

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