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Sherwood Code II Grip Junior Hockey Stick

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  • Brand new for the 2021 season is the Sherwood Code II Ice Hockey Stick. Built to help playmaker’s stand out, the Code II stick is a lightweight and balanced stick that provides a combination of speed and power behind every shot.
  • Starting with the interior of the Code II Hockey Stick, it is constructed of Sherwood’s improved BlackLine material, now going by the name of BlackLine XXV Carbon Fiber. This will be a weave of carbon fiber filaments with over 25k in the blade. The proprietary weaving of this material is known as Featherlite Technology. It uses thinner fibers, allowing them to be lighter, tighter, and respond quicker during stickhandling and shooting. This also allows the stick to remain lightweight while maintaining a high level of durability.
  • The Code II Hockey Stick is a hybrid mid/low stick powered by Sherwood’s Target Lock Taper. This makes the Code II an extremely versatile stick that caters to all shooting styles. This will give the player the ability to get off quick shots or load up for powerful shots depending on the situation. Also new is the E2-17 shaft geometry which gently locks the hands into position and give you amazing control and feel.
  • Moving down to the blade, the Code II Hockey Stick features a revamped version of the VRF blade, going by the name of VRF2. This blade has a vibration reducing foam with carbon stringer for added rigidity and response.
  • If you are a mid-level player looking for a hockey stick that is lightweight and versatile, while also excelling in responsiveness and reliability, look no further than the Sherwood Code II Ice Hockey Stick!

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