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Sherwood 9950 HOF Pro 4 Roll Senior Hockey Gloves

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  • The Sherwood HOF 9950 4 Roll Glove ushers in classic Sherwood heritage with modern-day protection. Built into a classic 4 roll design that many players still seek and appreciate today is state-of-the-art impact protection that can handle every and any type of impact. VIP protection is a special cone-like material that efficiently disperses impact energy away from the body and into the surrounding foam, acting like an internal shot blocker.
  • Incredibly thick, high-density foams provide elite-level protection and coverage to all the other key impact areas like the fingers, finger block, and cuff. While protection may be thick, players don't lose any mobility at all thanks to stretch finger gussets, two-piece thumb, and silky soft Nash palm. Preferred by most NHL players, Nash gives one of the best feels for the stick while ensuring top-level durability against wear and tear.
  • This palm even extends over the cuff which is called Sherwood's Comfort Wrap. This unique design lets the glove slide smoothly as you adjust your hand positions when handling the puck or battling for position. Internally, Sherwood's COP-r29 liner provides out-of-the-box comfort while being a champion at handling sweat and moisture during gameplay. Its special design also prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming for the entire lifespan of the glove, ensuring your gear stays fresh game after game.

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