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Labeda Gripper White Indoor Roller Hockey Wheels (76A)

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  • The Labeda Gripper is an indoor roller hockey wheel available in Soft, X-Soft and Med (74A, 76A, 80A). The Gripper performs very well on nearly all indoor surfaces, smooth concrete, sport/ice court or wood floors. The 3 hardness levels allow you to choose a wheel based on your weight or if you prefer more speed, or more grip!
  • The Gripper is one of the original wheels to change the indoor game for the better and continues to be a very popular wheel. The wheels use a small hub with more urethane that flexes and compresses to create a larger footprint on the floor resulting in more grip. The smooth concrete of melted ice hockey rinks without sport court puts a beating on all wheels with outer layers of clear urethane, but these solid, opaque wheels are very reliable and keep on gripping.
  • Wheel Color Yellow White Green
    Hardness Med - 80A (Hard) Soft - 76A (Middle) X-Soft - 74A (Softest)
    Weight Guideline Over 185lbs Under 185lbs Under 165lbs
    Preference More Speed Grip/Speed More Grip

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