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Konixx Pure-X +0 Indoor Inline Hockey Wheels

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  • Konixx has taken their most popular Pure wheel and improved upon it to bring you the best possible performance and durability in an inline wheel to date. The new Pure-X wheel from Konixx features a dual pour construction with the new Base-4 Formula for the best possible grip and ultimate durability. As with the previous Pure model the Pure-X wheels come in 3 stiffnesses to dial in the perfect wheel for you.
  • Key Technologies:
  • Trac-Tech-X, Infini-Tech-X, & Veloci-Tech-X additives
  • Base-4 Formula Construction
  • Offered in +0, +1, and +2 Stiffnesses
  • Pure Wheel Stiffness Guideline
  • +0 – Up to 170 lbs
  • +1 – 170 lbs – 200 lbs
  • +2 – 200lbs and up

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