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CCM Tacks 9550 Youth Hockey Shoulder Pads

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  • Shoulder Caps & Protection:
  • CCM constructed these shoulder pads to be single-layer with polyethylene foam inside. By doing this it allows the shoulder pad to be reliable, functional, and protect you with a light feel to them. The shoulder caps are also full coverage, consisting of molded polyethylene to safeguard you from impacts and falls.
  • Sternum Protection:
  • The anatomical floating molded sternum offers a high level of protection, and keeps you feeling light.
  • Bicep Protection:
  • These shoulder pads also offer a great buffer between you and the hit with their molded polyethylene caps over the bicep regions.
  • Abdominal Protection Piece:
  • This shoulder pad does not offer a removable abdominal protection piece.

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