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CCM Fitlite FL90 Hockey Helmet Combo

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  • Lightweight protection is all in the name, and CCM’s Fitlite line has provided the perfect combination of lightweight and key protection since its inception. New for 2018, the CCM FL90 uses a combination of protective foams with an adjustable fit. CCM’s new addition offers pro level protection with a lightweight feel and price.
  • Protection starts with the fit and the CCM FL90 Hockey Helmet offers options to help customize and create the proper one. The FL90 will have a traditional oval design that is familiar to many players and can be adjusted using the tabs located on the side of the shell. For the FL90, CCM included the microdial adjustment system which allows the back of the helmet to be adjusted to fit better on the back of the head and top of the neck. Adding extra adjustment pieces lets players get a custom and proper fit to provide pro level protection.
  • Internally, the CCM FL90 Hockey Helmet uses a combination of cushioning and protective foams to absorb and disperse impacts during gameplay. CCM uses their Hexagon Matrix designed in combination with multi density foams as the base of their liner. The hexagonal foam is designed to absorb the initial impact, while the thicker multi density foam provides secondary impact absorption.
  • Rounding through the major areas of contact on the side and back of the head, the FL90 features I.Q.Shion memory foam with strategic D30 inserts to provide ultimate comfort and a fine tuned fit. The memory foam conforms and cushions the players head to ensure a comfortable fit while reducing movement in the helmet. On top of the fit and performance, the memory foam will also help wick away moisture to help keep players dry during play. The FL90 will also feature CCM’s top tiered D30 padding in the temple area of the helmet. This reactive padding tenses up around high impacts to absorb more than traditional foams but is still soft and comfortable while being worn.
  • All the internal padding is covered by a two-piece high density P.E. shell. This lightweight shell offers pro level durability and weight. The shell will also be vented to allow air to flow smoothly through the helmet keeping players cool and dry during play. Lastly, the FL90 helmet can be customized with separate helmet decals for players who wish to add some color.
  • Stock, the FL90 Combo will come with the CCM FM680 cage. The gunmetal colored cage is constructed with thin steel alloy bars to provide top tiered protection, durability and visibility. A multi density foam chin cup will help absorb impacts and is also lined to reduce moisture to keep the cup in place.
  • Size Hat Size Circumference (cm.)
    Small 6 1/4 - 7 50.5 - 56
    Medium 6 3/4 - 7 3/8 54.5 - 59
    Large 7 1/4 - 7 3/4 57.5 - 62

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