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Alkali Cele II Senior Roller Hockey Skates

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    • New for the 2023 season, the Cele II Inline Skates are the highest performing and best fitting skates Alkali has made to date with their carbon fiber boot and outsole. 
    • The unique boot one-piece construction provides some of the best ankle support at this price, while the thick internal foams make for a comfy feel right out of the box.
    • Inside the boot, the Cele II features an enhanced gripping system that uses materials in key locations that wick away moisture while keeping feet comfortably locked into place. Anaform padding is also included in the Cele II, offering an increased level of protection around the ankles. This material provides an extra layer of comfort, working well with the microfiber liner. 
    • On the bottom of the skate, Alkali used a Hi-Lo aluminum 7075 CNC frame chassis with 4 copper rivets for a higher level of performance. This provides a unique skating angle, with bigger 80mm wheels in the back and smaller 76mm wheels in the front. With this popular frame design, you get the best performance benefits of both sized wheels. 
    • High profile fit that is ideal for those seeking exceptional power.
    • The Cele II features Hi-Lo indoor single pour Xena 76A wheels to complement the benefits of the chassis, providing a solid balance of speed and control with every stride. The bearings included on the skates are pre-lubed Swiss Lite's. 
    • Wheel Configuration: Sizes 6.0 - 7.0 (2) 76mm (2) 72mm, Sizes 8.0 - 12.0 (2) 80mm (2) 76mm
    • 1,280 grams in weight (based on size 9)
    • If you are an elite-level player looking for pro performance than look no further than the Cele II! 
  • Skate Size US Men's Shoe Size
    6.5 8.0
    7.0 8.5
    7.5 9.0
    8.0 9.5
    8.5 10.0
    9.0 10.5
    10.0 11.5
    10.5 12.0
    11.0 12.5
    11.5 13.0
    12.0 13.5

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