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Custom Hockey Logo

DPI stands for “dots per inch” and is the standard measure of printer resolution.
Image Quality :  Why can’t you print my image. It looks good to me.
Just because your image looks good on your computer screen, does not mean it will look good when printed on the front of a jersey.  We need to start with a good image, to end with a good print.
Resizing an Image
If you upload a file that is 72 DPI and is 5”x5”, it has a total of 1800 dots (72dpi x 25 square inches).
If we resize your image to be 10”x10” (100 square inches) the image will still only have 1800 dots.  Since its now 1800 dots over 100 square inches, the new DPI essentially becomes 18.  Computer software is limited at guessing the colours of missing dots, thus causing blurry images.
How do I know if the image is good for printing
We recommend 300 DPI and a minimum of 200 DPI at the size of the print:
Ie Front Jersey Logo of 10”x10” (1000 x 1000 pixels).
On a PC, you can find this information by going to:
Start » Programs » Accessories » Paint, opening your image, and clicking on “attributes” under the "Image" menu.
On a Mac, open your image in Preview, and go to Tools » Inspector » Image DPI.
Do not try to Upscale images yourself
If your image is already too small, 72 dpi, trying to use an image editor will only cause problems.
Here is an Extreme example of two images that both meet the minimum requirements.
Both images have exactly the same properties.  
They are slightly over 10”x10” (1000x1000 pixels) and both have a 200 DPI.
The original is clean, crisp, and clear.
The blurry image is an extreme to show the results of scaling an image.  This would never get printed.
However, it would be easy to fool us, and we print your image, only seeing the problem after the job is complete.
There is 100% no refunds if you do not supply good quality images.
We will gladly quote your concepts and ideas to have them professional done by a graphic artist.

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