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Concorde Alloy Hub Pro Indoor Roller Hockey Wheels

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  • The Concorde Alloy Hub Wheel is the most advanced and refined performance indoor wheel that has ever been created.
  • These wheels feature a robust aluminum core made from wrought Aluminum Alloy / CNC full machining, super die pressed and high heat forged. This provides unparalleled strength, allowing for precise and controlled skating.
  • The reinforced core ensures that every movement translates seamlessly, empowering you to push your game skills to new heights.
  • Wheels come pre-assembled with Alkali Swiss Speed 608 Bearings and high-quality spacers.
  • Made for the highest-level of play with a 76A hardness rating, striking the ideal balance between grip and durability. This hardness level enables excellent traction on indoor surfaces, allowing you to skate with confidence and agility.

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