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Alkali Cele III Junior Roller Hockey Skates

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    • New for the 2023 season, the Cele III Inline Skates are built for all types of skaters who are looking for a high-performance comfortable and durable skate.
    • One of the top features found in the Cele III is the injected comp weave quarter package. This technology offers moderate stiffness with enough flexibility for the recreational to intermediate player. With this flexibility, you can work on your stride while also being comfortable in your skate. 
    • The unique boot one-piece construction provides some of the best ankle support at this price, while the thick internal foams make for a comfy feel right out of the box.
    • Another solid technology offered is the molded comfort EVA footbed. This feature, complemented by the Cele’s microfiber liner, helps to maximize comfort inside the boot, an important feature for those players who skate infrequently but want to get the most out of their skates when they do. Anaform padding is also included in the Cele III, offering an increased level of protection around the ankles. This material provides an extra layer of comfort, working well with the microfiber liner. 
    • On the bottom of the skate, Alkali used a Hi-Lo aluminum 6000 CNC frame chassis with copper rivets for a higher level of performance. This provides a unique skating angle, with bigger wheels in the back and smaller wheels in the front. With this popular frame design, you get the best performance benefits of both sized wheels.
    • High profile fit that is ideal for those seeking exceptional power.
    • The Cele III features Hi-Lo Outdoor Alkali Loki 82A wheels to complement the benefits of the chassis, providing a solid balance of speed and control with every stride. The bearings included on the skates are high end pre-lubed ABEC-9 speed carbon bearings.
    • Skate sizes 1-2 come with a 64/64/68/68mm Hi-Lo setup.
    • Skate sizes 3-5 come with a 68/68/72/72mm Hi-Lo setup.
  • Skate Size US Shoe Size
    3.0 4.5
    4.0 5.5
    5.0 6.5

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