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Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro Junior Hockey Gloves

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  • The Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro Hockey Gloves have been created with the goal scorer in mind allowing you to use your silky mitts to dominate on the ice. The Viconic internal protection layer disperses impacts across the glove letting you focus on making the next big play. For a game ready feel from day one, the AX Suede palm gives players that butter-like feel while still being durable and long-lasting. The AIZ anatomical cuff protection ensures that your wrists remain silky smooth as you dangle through the opposition. For enhanced customization the entire wrist has Customized Impact Protection (CIP) so you can make your mitts feel exactly how you want.
  • The Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro Glove is a dream come true for goal scorers, offering unparalleled protection, exceptional mobility, and unmatched comfort for players who thrive in intense competition. Viconic Impact Protection is layered within Sherwood's advanced E-Lite+ package, effectively dispersing impact forces across the back of your hand. This incredible design ensures that you can maintain an unwavering focus on the game while giving you pro-level impact protection against blocked shots or stick slashes.
  • An all-new Mobile+ cuff is attached to the body of the glove independently, allowing your wrist to achieve maximum range of motion in any stickhandling situation but keeping the protection right up against the body. This remarkable feature is enhanced with Sherwood's cutting-edge CIP technology, empowering players to finely adjust the cuff's volume for a personalized and precise fit.
  • A game-ready feel is felt from day one, thanks to a combination of an AX Suede palm, pro-flex thumb, and stretch lycra finger gussets. AX Suede is known for its silky soft comfort, moisture-wicking properties, and enhanced grip for the stick. It comes with an added overlay that drastically increases durability against wear and tear, ensuring your palm never breaks down before the season ends.
  • Last but certainly not least is the COP-r29 liner, Sherwood's premium material that hugs the hand with out-of-the-box comfort. It quickly handles moisture to keep your hands dry and features a powerful copper thread that battles odor-causing bacteria, leaving your gloves fresh game after game.
  • Glove Size Hand Length Height Weight (lbs) Age
    10" 5" 4'3" - 4'8" 60 - 90 8 - 11
    11" 5.5" 4'5" - 5' 70 - 100 9 - 12
    12" 6" 4'11" - 5'4" 80 - 110 11 - 14

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