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Sherwood Code TMP 2 Grip Junior Composite Hockey Stick

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Hand - Curve - Flex
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  • The Sherwood Code TMP2 Stick is a perfect pick for the all-around playmaker looking for elite performance, durability and value. The new EVT (Energized Velocity Taper), this is the definition of effortless power that's built to last.
  • Sherwood brought in some serious material firepower. The shaft utilizes BlackLine 25K spread tow carbon fiber by PyroFil and is typically reserved for elite-level sticks only. While it reduces weight, it makes putting velocity into the puck easier and more effective, which just feels like it shoots harder than before.
  • With more energy being transferred through the blade, Sherwood needed to make sure the lower half of the TMP2 could handle it. The new VR92 blade with I92 reinforcement technology creates a much more torsionally stiff blade core that stays square to the target on big shots for accuracy. Meanwhile, the dampening layer on the blade face makes stickhandling and catching passes a breeze since the puck seems to stick to the blade like glue. 
  • Tacky grip texture with a hybrid kick point
  • 52 Inches in length 

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