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CCM Fitlite 3DS Youth Hockey Helmet Combo

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  • Finding a proper fitting helmet is key to providing the right protection for younger players. CCM has engineered a helmet to make finding that right fit for younger players easier. New for 2018, CCM has introduced the CCM FL3DS Youth Hockey Helmet Combo. The FL3DS Youth is specifically made for players that fall between the age ranges of 4 to 7 years old and includes features to help the helmet fit properly as players grow.
  • Setting the helmet apart from others, two-piece helmet starts with tabs located on the sides to extend and contract using and allows the player to get the correct fit. At the forehead, specific clips have also been added at the connection point between the cage and helmet. This clip allows the cage to be adjusted vertically and locked to allow the cage to sit properly on the players chin. With the cage height being adjusted, the FL3DS also allows the J-Clips to be adjusted vertically which will reduce the amount a player will take from certain impacts.
  • Internally, the CCM FL3DS Youth Hockey Helmet Combo will feature a comfortable and protective multi density foam. This foam has specific integrated areas with D30 impact padding, which is the top level of impact absorbing padding currently in CCM products. By using this padding, players will have a comfortable feel that conforms to the players head to reduce movement during usage.
  • Specific to the younger player, the FL3DS Junior will come with the FM Youth Cage. The steel alloy cage will have a thin wire design to allow for maximum visibility with pro durability. A multi density chin cup will help absorb any impacts that may happen during play, and is also designed to keep moisture from building up.
  • Ages 4-7

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