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Sherwood Project 9 Grip Junior Composite Hockey Stick

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  • Shot Sensor -Modifies the kickpoint according to your bottom hand placement to give you maximum torque on every shot.
  • Flystrong technology - We've incorporated additional layers of carbon fiber on the shaft for increased durability.
  • VRF.3 Blade - This blade features blackline carbon fiber, high performance foams and a single carbon fiber bridge which provides amazing feel and durability.
  • Power Pivot Technology - An improved weight distribution that results in optimal balance for effortless mobility and unmatched power.
  • Spear Shaft technology - The shaft runs through the heel of the blade to provide better puck feel and a more consistent flex profile.
  • Variable Mid Kickpoint - Variable mid kick flex profile designed for maximum power, by changing the kick point according to your bottom hand.
  • Wider Hosel - Improves accuracy by keeping the blade from opening up on shots and passes.
  • Square Shaft - Square corners keep the stick from twisting in your hands while taking powerful shots
  • Textured Grip - Textured grip helps to keep your hands from slipping on the stick.
  • 45 Flex - 52 Inches in length - Player Height 4'9" - 5'5"
  • 35 Flex - 48 Inches in length - Player Height 4'5" - 5'1"

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