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Tron 405XS Senior Ice Hockey Skates

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  • Techtron technology combined with the woven nylon comfortable design for a combined relaxed but snug fit
  • Stiffeners that match up to anyone’s high end skates for sturdiness.
  • Snug heel fit for rigid ankle support and turning
  • Smooth microfiber interior designed for comfort and performance
  • Heavy duty tongue that matches up with anyone’s skate for protection against pucks and lace bite
  • A light holder that carries an almost weightless stainless steel runner
  • Molded toe cap that provides extra durability and protection
  • Steel and holder are one piece
  • These skates are not sold in Canada
  • Skate size is 3.5 sizes lower than shoe size. Ex. If you are a size 11 shoe, you will be a 7.5 skate. 

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